Image-X offers signature security solutions for document management, email communication, data storage and team collaboration dash boards.

Our team of industry experts have developed PKI (Public-Private Key Infrastructure) secured customized solutions to ensure only authenticated access to the data. The encryption is done using digital certificate of the sender/owner, this ensures that the data is only available to the person that has the decryption key provided by the sender/owner.

Our patented digital signature technology uses 256-bit asymmetric encryption, the strongest type of encryption available, provides end-to-end security on all levels. This patented architecture allows the organization to meet various compliance requirements e.g. HIPAA, GDPR etc. Digital signature and certificate encryption ensure information integrity and non-repudiation.

Your Security Paradigm:

  • Communicate with Secure365Mail – encrypt your message with your digital key
  • Collaborate with Secure SharePoint and Salesforce rights management – as you work as a team and share information, only authenticated individuals can access the information
  • Store with esecureDOX – encrypt and store information using HIPPA compliant technology